About Me

My name is Muhammad Saad. I started my career in 2007 as a software developer. After 5 years of development, I switched to the field of test automation and since then loving it from the core of my heart.
After spending another 6 years in test automation. currently, I am in a management role where my responsibility is to train people on different skill sets like API automation, Web automation, Mobile automation, Performance, and Security testing. Also, my job is to improve and monitor the overall QA process across different types of projects. 

I like to read and grow myself on different trends in the field of software development and quality assurance and I also like to share what I learn. This blog is started with this intention.

With the overall 13+ years of experience, I also help and consult different companies with their process, hiring, training, and test automation initiatives.

I am married and have 2 kids. I love to play table tennis and I consider my self an intermediate player

You can contact learn more about me through my Linkedin profile.
You can also contact me through other channels for questions, consultancy, or automation work.
Email: joinsaad@gmail.com
Skypeid: joinsaad
Twitter: joinsaad

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