Monday, April 18, 2016

Testing Challenge

Can you find more than 20 defects in the below image?

Write your defects in the comments section. 


  1. 1. Web hyperlink is missing
    2. News hyperlink is not aligned correctly
    3. Hopping instead of Shopping
    4. more dropdown should be inverted
    5. Double || after igoogle
    6. Search box has no left vertical bar | how (missing)
    7. Google Search spelling is incorrect
    8. I'm feeling unlucky incorrect text
    9. I'm feeling unlucky is highlighted by default
    10. Language tools spelling is incorrect
    11. Done done to indicate page load instead of just done
    12. I think the text entered should trigger ajax and show auto population
    13. vertical scrollbar has 2 drop down buttons
    14. More link should start with capital letter M and not m
    15 igoogle should start with capital I
    16. I think the Google logo should be shifted slightly towards the left to be positioned directly above the search bar
    17. Google title on top of the browser looks incorrect, it shows as title of untitled tab as well
    18. Google "Search by voice" option is not available on the search bar

    1. Good work.
      But there are still some bugs left :)

  2. 19: There is "_" (white colored) with the "s" of History.

  3. 20:The minimize, maximize and close "X" do not look correct
    21:Position of the menu items, Help should be the last
    22: There looks like some dropdown control next to the tabs, not sure if that should be present

  4. 1)Search column left side window is not complete
    2)Google search button typo.
    3)Alignment issue for News link
    4)Bottom Web page indicator Shows 'Done' twice.
    5)Scroll bar arrow appears twice
    6)Bar Appears only once next to Search settings hyperlink
    7)More Arrow button should be shown the indication towards bottom
    8)iGoogle hyper link is not aligned
    9)Spell check for hopping
    10)SHould be I'm Feeling Lucky
    11)Spell check for Language tools
    12)Search settings S should be capitalized
    13)Page Close button for the web page is not proper
    14)No Voice search button
    15)No bottom Line under iGoogle. (There is white spaces between more and Search Settings hyper linked menus )
    16)Looks like loading spinning wheel is incomplete.
    17)Tabbed window icon should show google icon.

  5. Nice compilation Rahul. However, there are still few bugs left. I am waiting for some more answers till next monday, then I will update the results here.

  6. 1. The ‘X’ is not displayed completely to exit panel
    2. Missing the open ( on the second tab
    3. Linked not lined up properly for ‘News’
    4. Missing the underline for ‘Web’ link
    5. Missing ‘S’ for Shopping link
    6. Once ‘S’ is added to Shopping link make ‘H’ lower case
    7. ’M’ on the ‘More’ link should be upper case
    8. Dropdown next to ‘More’ link should be inverted
    9. The ‘I’ for iGoogle link should be uppercase
    10. White space where line is broken under the hyperlink ‘iGoogle’
    11. The ‘S’ in settings link should be uppercase
    12. Remove || after iGoogle
    13. Remove | after Search settings
    14. Left border is missing on search box
    15. Missing search by voice icon on the search box
    16. Language is misspelled on Langauge Tools link
    17. Remove extra ‘O’ on Google Search button
    18. Change text to ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ instead of ‘I’m Feeling UnLucky’
    19. Remove default focus on ‘I’m Feeling Unlucky’ button
    20. In Google, the options change in the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ pushbutton. Example: ‘I’m Feeling Artistic’ or ‘I’m Feeling Stellar’
    21. Remove extra ‘Done’ at the bottome of the page
    22. Remove extra ‘Down Arrow’ on scroll bar
    23. Display URL address in the first tab for Google
    24. I think google icon should display on the first tab

  7. Missing shadow for yellow "O" letter in Google logo.

    1. You have nailed it. That was the most difficult bug to notice.

  8. Favicon missing for Google tab.


Testing Challenge

Can you find more than 20 defects in the below image? Write your defects in the comments section.