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Selenium in Java: All Resources.

For all those who want to learn Selenium in Java, I have searched and compiled all those resources which I personally found useful. Please go through these links and bookmark those which you find beneficial and useful.

Selenium in Java Free Resources:

Selenium Training in Java on Udemy by Raman Arora
A picture is worth a thousand words and I think a video is worth ten thousand words. This free course by Raman Arora is especially very useful because he focuses on Java basics first. Then he moves towards Selenium Concepts, the basic difference between Selenium IDE, RC and WebDriver. He also touched concepts about Selenium Grid, SVN and DataDriven Framework. Nice course for those who are unfamiliar with Java and wants  to brush up their skills first in Java.

Selenium with Java Tutorials on by LAKSHAY SHARMA
A beautifully designed Website with carefully crafted tutorials. ToolSQA is not limited to Selenium Tutorials only. It has extensive tutorials on other automation tools as well such as Cucumber, SpecFlow and Appium etc. The good thing about this website is that tutorials are arranged in an order so that a newbie always has a clue as to start from where and where this will lead to. A great website for automation enthusiasts.

Selenium Tutorials on
Amazing tutorials with great illustrations. Their vision is Fun & Free Education for ALL. Like ToolSQA, it has tutorials for other automation tools as well. Another good thing about this website it that it has links to live projects where you can brush up your selenium skills by practicing on them.

Selenium Article Series on
33 articles on this topic and counting. is a household name for software testers in India and Pakistan. These tutorials are comprehensive and enough for you to get started on the Selenium Journey. Shruti Shrivastava,  Amaresh Dhal, and Pallavi Sharma have created this tutorial for all of you. They are also offering live training which is paid.

Tutorials on
A website developed by Alan Richardson. The author of the book Selenium Simplified and a Trainer of Selenium. This website contains great articles on Selenium with Java. The highlight of this website is the "speedruns", which is basically a checklist or a quick through to configure the environment for Selenium.

Selenium in Java Other Notable Mentions:

Software testing tutorials and automation
A bit scattered but contains many useful articles.  This blog covers from java basics to Advanced Selenium Concepts. Design is not great but information is pretty useful.

Selenium By Charan
This blog covers some advanced scenarios for selenium webdriver like integration with SauceLabs and Keyword Driven Framework.

Selenium in Java Paid Resources:

If you are willing to pay some money for your learning, I cannot force you enough to take this course online on by Alan Richardson.

Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics With Java

This course has 4.9 rating on Udemy. and it only cost $299. Sometimes announces discounts on courses, you can wait for that as well.
The benefit is that it will cover almost all the topics under one roof.

Live Training on 

The link contains the batch start date, course description, and fee.  You can see the testimonials to confirm the course quality :)

Live Training Sessions on

Another live course on This link contains their training schedule and fee structure. All video lectures are recorded and sent to you afterwards in case if you miss any class.

Selenium Recipes in Java (Ebook) by Zhimin Zhan. 

The Selenium WebDriver Recipes book is a quick problem-solving guide to automated testing web applications with Selenium WebDriver. It contains hundreds of solutions to real-world problems, with clear explanations and ready-to-run test scripts you can use in your own projects. You can also download free sample to see what it contains.
There are also many books present on, and Since I have not read many of those, I really like some feedback through comments so that I can include some more names in the list.
If you own a blog and you write about this topic "Selenium in Java" and you want your blog to be included in this list, please email me on
Update: (I will constantly update other blogs/websites in this section as I receive Emails or comments from their authors.)
  1.  ITeLearn by Karthik Kosireddi    (Paid Live training with some Free Videos of Selenium. Also contains live projects)
  2.  Selenium Easy  (Contains Articles for Selenium as well as Protractor, Jenkins, Maven etc)
I hope this list is beneficial for all of you. Please send your feedback. Thanks for reading.


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