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JMeter Tutorials: All Resources

This post is a collection of JMeter Tutorials from the web.
JMeter is a leading open source load testing tool which is widely used across the globe.
When I first tried to use JMeter, I feel that it involves a learning curve. The resources and tutorials are abundant on the internet but scattered.
That is where I decided to create a JMeter Tutorials resource list for newbies which they can go through. After the success of Selenium in Java resource list, It only feels logical that such resource lists are needed very much.
Below are some very useful links for JMeter Tutorials. Please go through them and bookmark those which you find beneficial.

JMeter Tutorials and Resources

1.  JMeter Expert Blog

This blog contains only 4 to 5 posts related to JMeter. But these posts are so beautifully designed especially the conceptual post about How Apache JMeter simulates multiple users that they have nailed it. They have cleared many concepts with this single post using simple diagrams. I urge everyone to read this post first before going on to detailed JMeter tutorials.

2. JMeter Articles on Guru99

Next up is my favourite Guru :) was also featured in my Selenium Resource List.  They are again featured on this list. Thier tutorials are simple and easy to understand as always. They have covered extensively from Introduction to Jmeter to JMeter interview questions. These will give you a start.

3. The Ultimate JMeter Resource List on Blazemeter

I am creating a resource list and it turns out people have already created their own resource lists before me :)
BlazeMeter is a commercial, self-service load testing platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which is fully compatible with Apache JMeter. BlazeMeter provides an enterprise grade, ‘out-of-the-box’ load testing solution for the developer community. Although the company is commercial, they have created this free resource list for the community.
They have many great links on that resource list but the highlight is their free 5-Day JMeter Course. You have to register to get these videos delivered to your inbox.

4. JMeter Resources On Github

If a commercial company is giving away free resources on an open source tool, do you think that open source community will be behind in sharing their resource list? You are wrong.
See this list on Github, it is created by Aliaksandr Belik and it is quickly grown into a mighty resource list covering everything from Books to Blogs and Tutorials to Tips and Tricks. A must have bookmark for every JMeter enthusiast out there.

5.  JMeter @

When you search JMeter Tutorials on Google, this site appears on the very first page. Why is that? Take a look yourself. :)

6. JMeter Official Manual

The most comprehensive Manual for JMeter created by the creators of JMeter. It is comprehensive but I would suggest to only look at this after going through the above 5 links. Then it will make sense to you. Don't forget to check the JMeter plugins page. These plugins make JMeter much more powerful.

7. JMeter Videos  on by Karthik KK

Free articles and videos on JMeter. This website has tutorials for many other automation tools as well. Karthik works really hard in setting up this website and constantly post videos on that on new tools. This blog crossed 1.4 Million views as of now.

8. JMeter on Art Of

The good thing about these tutorials that they start from basics of performance testing. I found them simple and easy to understand. I hope you conclude the same after visiting this link.

9. JMeter Articles by Shantonu Sarker

This guy has written more than 50 posts on JMeter and still more articles are coming soon. He knows what he writes. This link is the collection of the posts he has written on JMeter. He also writes about Selenium, Design Patterns and other stuff on this blog. Great collection of articles.

10. Learn JMETER from Scratch -(Performance + Load) Testing Tool on Udemy

Last but not the least. A complete JMeter course on Udemy is also present. Which is not free of course. But if you are willing to pay some bucks you will get all things at one place along with help from a teacher.  Currently this course holds a 4.3 rating. Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

This list is obviously incomplete without your contribution. Please send me links to blogs/websites which you found useful while learning about JMeter and I will include them here.
Thanks for reading :) Waiting for your feedback and comments.

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  1. Thank you :) this is an awesome collection of knowledge appreciate your efforts


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