Sunday, March 27, 2016

Coded UI Tests: Tutorials

When I started working on Automation, my first tool was Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in which Microsoft has provided an excellent platform for functional testing which is called Coded UI Test.

Before working on this tool, I learned about it from my good teacher THE INTERNET and my teacher has provided me valuable information about how to use it. So I thought to share the most useful links here.

Here is the list of links:

Getting Started with Coded UI

Coded UI Basic Walkthrough: very easy and step by step tutorial. Covering only the basics.

Understanding the Generated Code by Coded UI Test Part1

Understanding the Generated Code by Coded UI Test Part2 (This article in two parts helps you to understand the code which is generated by Recording and Playback)

Modifying Generated code in a Coded UI Test: When you generate the code after recording and playback , this article shows you how to modify the generated code.

Test Automation Guidance using VS 2010 Coded UI   (.pdf format) (excellent PDF covering step by step guidance of creating your first coded UI test project.Very detailed and covering 80% of the concepts. My personal favorite. )

Coded UI sample Framework (Visual Studio Solution)  ( this is the sample project to get you started with the real life application testing)

Advanced Concepts:

How does “Coded UI test” finds a control ??  (This article gives concepts about how the playback engine finds the control in your application)

Walkthrough: Using multiple Coded UI maps in test automation  (It is extremely necessary to use separate UI Maps for each module in testing real life applications. This article explains how to do it)

Best Practices for Coded UI Tests: Best Practices while making Coded UI Tests from Microsoft.

Other than above you can visit other posts of this blog in which I have listed some issues which I faced while making Coded UI Tests and came across a solution.

Keep visiting.

Update: Here are some more links which I found very useful
Content Index for Coded UI maintained by MS Employee    (A great resource list which is maintained by Microsoft employee )
Coded UI Test Framework  (This guy has created a Coded UI framework and shared that on GitHub so that you can quickly start your scripting. He has also created a video to teach about how to use this framework)
Coded UI Adda  ( A blog dedicated to Coded UI created by . I found it very useful and comprehensive)
A video series by Karthik  ( Amazingly crafted video series on Coded UI by my friend Karthik on his wonderful website Visit the link to get the feel of what I am talking about)
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