Monday, April 13, 2009

Some English To Urdu Dictionaries

Salam to All,

May be some of you are preparing for the admission test in different Universities. Vocabulary learning is now the essential part of every test (which I don't know why because I think its useless to test someone's vocabulary, they ask those words which are unknown to even native speakers)

For this pupose I have searched and found many English to Urdu Dictionaries, because I think it does help you to remember when you see a meaning of a word in urdu. Majority of these dictionaries are online, so you must be connected to internet while learning words :)

some links are as follows

Its by far the best, because it shows you URDU meaning, English Meaning, synonyms and also you can hear the pronunciation.

it only shows you Urdu meaning , but its much faster than humari web. So if you are in hurry or you have slower connection, you can try it.

Offline Dictionary

Babylon is a great Dictionary, because you can see many dictionaries at the same place.
it is also providing some Urdu Dictionaries which can be found here.

this is the link where you can actually donwload the glossary and use it with your babylon software.

Babylon is not free, though you can use its trial, or if you want the whole version search for it or Mail me :) I have babylon and  71 Different Dictionaries that can be appended with Babylon and I m providing this for those who really need it.

Thats all for now
Enjoy preparation


Testing Challenge

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