Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a great use of flash

check out how the flash is used for this great purpose

click on the book to view a full screen ...

check out that page turning feature , you will feel that you are holding quran shareef in your hands

great work


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Code Snippets

Visual Studio has provided us a great feature of code snippets , Code snippet is a "shortcut" to write large code with less key strokes
for example if you want to write this

MessageBox.Show("This is a msg");

you just have to write this

and press
TAB two times

see the magic , the mbox will turn into the larger text i.e


write your msg string here .. and save valuable keystrokes..

but its not the end

there are many code snippets available in Visual Studio just like that one , just right click and point to "Insert Code snippet" and you will see the list of them ..

still want more...

just visit

and download hundreds of ready-made snippets for your daily use..

still hungry for more :)

you can make your "own snippets" but i left it for your research ... you can find it in MSDN , its really a simple procedure.

Waiting for research result ... :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Now this is a fantastic use of email

Now you can post to your blogs through email
its really nice to see that feature in that I can post at my blog through any email address i want
in this way , i can post to my blogs while forwarding emails to my other contacts..


just go to settings -> email and enable this feature


Testing Challenge

Can you find more than 20 defects in the below image? Write your defects in the comments section.